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I prepared a tclkit for windows which includes Tix8.2 an some other great packages (size only 2.2 Mb). This is a complete development environment in just one file you can run tcl-scripts, compile scripts, load Active-X controls (optcl), access databases (tclsqlite, tclodbc, metakit), send keys to windows applications (cwind) and and and ... There are also two object oriented packages (itcl, snit). In order to deliver your software you just deploy tixtclkit.exe and your script/kit. That are two files. To learn more see:

Please be aware that some packages allow you only to deliver noncommercial software and that everything comes without any warranty of any kind For more information see the info links below.

BWidget-1.6.0 1998-1999 UNIFIX
2001-2002 ActiveState Corp.
The BWidget Toolkit is a high-level Widget Set for Tcl/Tk built using native Tcl/Tk 8.x namespaces. info
Tix8.2 Ioi Kim Lam,
Tix, which stands for Tk Interface Extension, is an extension library for Tcl/Tk. Tix adds many new widgets, image types and other commands that allows you to create compelling Tcl/Tk-based GUI applications. info
autoscroll Kevin Kenny Create a scroll bar that disappears when it is not needed, and reappears when it is info
ctext3.1.2 George Peter Staplin This code overloads the text widget and provides new commands, named highlight, copy, paste, cut, append, and edit. info
cwind1.3 Satoshi Imai send keys to any windows application info
ffidl Roger E Critchlow Jr calling library functions directly from tcl and just a small fix for optcl info
gbutton Steve Landers nice button required by wikit info
iniparse1.4 reading and writing inifiles info
itcl3.3 Michael J. McLennan incrTcl provides object-oriented extensions to Tcl, much as C++ provides object-oriented extensions to C info
mk4tcl Jean-Claude Wippler tcl bindings for Metakit which is an embeddable database running on Unix, Windows, Macintosh, and other platforms info
mentry2.6 Csaba Nemethi the implementation of the multi-entry mega-widget 'mentry' for displaying and editing date and time in a great variety of formats, real numbers in fixed-point format, as well as IP addresses info
mkGeneric1.3 Michael Kraus some useful things like math functions and new list and loop commands info
mkTables1.0 Michael Kraus small collection of new Tcl commands that allow for operating on tables info
optcl Farzad Pezeshkpour loading COM Controls inside Tk-Applications info
snit0.81 Will Duquette pure-Tcl object and megawidget framework info
tablelist3.3 Csaba Nemethi multi-column listbox info
tbcload1.4 Ajuba Solutions
Andreas Kupries and Jeff Hobbs
loading tcl-bytecodefiles info
tcl8.4 Scriptics
basic tcl-libraries (http, msgcat, opt) info
tclcompiler1.5 Ajuba Solutions
Andreas Kupries and Jeff Hobbs
compiling tcl-files via package
 require compiler
      ::compiler::compile file.tcl
tclcurl0.105 Andrés García TclCurl gives the Tcl programmer a binding to libcurl (by Andreas Steinberg) which allows to get a URL with FTP, TELNET, LDAP, GOPHER, DICT, FILE, HTTP or HTTPS syntax. info
tclodbc2.3 Roy Nurmi ODBC bindings for Tcl info
tclsqlite2.8.4 originally developed by D. Richard Hipp SQLiteODBC bindings for Tcl info
tdom0.7.8 Jochen Löwer and Rolf Ade parsing and creating xml-documents info
tdomhtml0.1.0 Jochen Löwer and Rolf Ade parsing and creating html-documents info
tk8.4 Scriptics
standard tk-library info
tkdnd1.0 George Petasis, Aghia Paraskevi an extension that adds native drag & drop capabilities to the tk toolkit info
tnc0.3 Jochen Löwer and Rolf Ade a helper library for tdom info
wcb2.8 Csaba Nemethi The Widget Callback Package Wcb info
wikit Jean-Claude Wippler A help system for tk and the web info

Download it here: tixtclkit.exe


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