MicroEmacs / MicroEmacs



  • cross platform: runs on a variety of platforms
  • small size: with all macros less than 1 Mb
  • fast, you have sessions but only one file will be processed , so no waiting for fontlocking like in emacs
  • free and free sources (C)
  • easy extensible via macros
  • provides prebuild modes for 80 programming languages and you can easily add a new one
  • well documented (!), in different formats (inbuild, html, hlp, pdf, chm)
  • sophisiticated hilight mode, even nested hilighting
  • inbuild man, info, html viewer
  • I provide a perldoc viewer also
  • So you can easily view various kinds of documentation
  • ftp, cvs, http, metris, multiple windows, frames, include external tools, email, diff, organizer, spelling, keyboard and programming macros, intelligent formatting, folding ....

I could continue here but see the following pages for more.