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Download Unix/Linux-Version:

Download standalone Windows-exe, no setup, just runit: dgPDFCombiner.exe

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2008-06-10 - Update

  • small bugfixes
  • now allows disabling of bookmark creation

2007-03-08 - Anmeldung

announced at Freeware-Archiv, Freeware-Base and

2007-03-07 - Update

  • Bookmarks are now also working in PDF-Readers like the Foxit Reader
  • The console window is now hidden
  • Some small bugfixes and improvements

2007-01-26 Two Notes

  • First startup is slow
  • Bookmarks currently working only in Acrobat Reader. I will try to fix this.
  • Don't close the console window. Next week I will make an update without a console window.

2007-01-25 Update:

  • fix for tmp-files, they are now deleted
  • fix for generated bookmarks file
  • fix for loading bookmark-files

Hopefully not introducing other bugs


First release of dgPDFCombiner - a Perl-application to combine PDF-documents and to add bookmark trees to them. The application can be run under windows and UNIX. It can be downloaded from here. Unix users should have installed the Tk and the PDF-Reuse libaries. For windows users there is a exe-file provided in the Zip-file. There is a german article about the usage of dgPDFCombiner at Dr.Web.

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